Discover Bedrock - From Principals Desk

“There is a spark of genius in every child. It is up to us to IGNITE that spark.
To give every child the freedom to imagine, in a warm, genuinely caring, nurturing environment. At Bedrock Educare that is what we do. And why do we do it?
That’s simple. We do what we do because we love children. We live for that moment every day when a young child’s eyes light up with the joy of discovery. A new word, a new shape, the exploration of colours, the rough and tumble of a game played in the guileless spirit of friendship – we find our meaning in these priceless moments of a child’s first steps in education. We welcome each child into an experience of pure wonder and endless discovery. We send them out into the world prepared to embrace the possibilities that open out to them armed as they are with new eyes, new wings and a firm foundation.
That is what we do as Bedrock Educare.

We IGNITE powerful futures for the most precious beings on the planet – your children.”

Rupashree Sable
Bedrock Educare