Academics - Daycare

Care at Bedrock is dominated by the psychological and intellectual needs of the child. It is not just a food-and-sleep approach, but a highly stimulating environment that we strive to provide for the child's super-active, fast-growing brain and bodies.

We conduct specially designed, planned, theme-based activities varying as per age-group , focusing on development of multiple intelligences.

Other Features

  • Children enrolled for day care are automatically part of our activity center for intelligences development
  • Delicious and healthy food designed by nutritionist
  • Child-carer ratio of 5:1
  • Staff well trained in basic medical care and psychological aspects
  • Pediatrician on call
  • Limited children, ensuring personal attention
  • Daily written report on health, food and sleep schedule
  • Detail individualized report on intelligences development


  • Emergency day care available for children above 2.5 years
  • Extension of day care beyond regular hours available