Academics - Pre-school Admissions

At Bedrock we take a holistic development approach that caters to the fast developing brains and bodies of the little geniuses. Along with pre-school essentials like pre-mathematical, pre-reading, pre-writing skills, fine and gross motor skills, socio-emotional development and knowing about yourself, the syllabus includes a variety of activities based on Multiple Intelligences, that give stimulus to various intelligences of the child including music, dance, foreign language, drama, art, visual intelligence, knowing about nature and the world around us.

We follow a methodically designed syllabus with detail monthly planning and theme-based approach. Activities planned are developmentally appropriate and integrated with the themes.

We maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio of 10:1 with a well-trained staff. There are multiple field trips organised during the year to give children a more practical experience of what they learn at school. Parents can expect a detail individual progress report and parent-teacher contact once in 2 months.

We firmly believe that a child who loves to read will never fall behind. Hence, special emphasis is given on instilling love for reading through phonics sessions, well-equipped and carefully collected library, book-reading and story-telling sessions

Admissions open for 2023-24

  • Age groups and timings as follows -
  • Playgroup : min. 2 years complete by 1st June - Timing 2.5 hours
  • Nursery : min. 3 years complete by 1st June - Timing 3 hours
  • LKG :min. 4 years complete by 1st June - Timing 3.5 hours
  • UKG :min. 5 years complete by 1st June - Timing 3.5 hours

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