Bedrock Specials - Pre-primary Teacher Training Course

  • Certificate course in Early Childhood Education in association with Helen O'Grady Intenational Qualified trainers

    Course Details :

    To educate children requires a thorough understanding of their needs, their likes and dislikes and a deep knowledge about how they grow and learn. We offer a world-class teacher training course which boasts of a comprehensive curriculum encompassing the conventional philosophy of early learning, along with innovative pedagogies that have been developed globally.

    Our Objectives:

    • To facilitate trainee teachers to have an understanding of the significance, scope and nature of education in early childhood years.
    • To acquaint teachers with concepts, principles and varied & innovative approaches to curriculum planning
    • To train them in implementation of developmentally appropriate curriculum that advances holistic development of the child.
    • To make trainees understand the nuances of classroom management.

    Our USP :

    • We offer in house internship that gives the much needed hands-on experience parallely while completing the course.
    • We offer full placement assistance with a very good track record of placements.
    • 10 months ( 1 year) diploma including theory and practical, offering options of 2 batches in a year.
  • Hands-on experience

  • Practical exams and internships to maximise learning