Pashan Activity Center - Dinoart

Art is expression.....

Welcome to the world of art appreciation for young children. As far as art is concerned, our country is resource-starved. We don't have many quality art museums and our school system just stifles artistic spirit.

Dino-art is an art program with a difference. Some key features

  • Apart from core drawing skills( motor skills), children are exposed to multiple mediums
  • Methodical level-based program according to age
  • No rigidity, children are given complete freedom to use the medium to express their own creativity
  • Children understand the science behind every medium
  • Introduce children to artists one at a time
  • Explore their works from different angles
  • Expose children to great art and encourage them to analyze what they see
  • Opportunity to display their expression to the world through art exhibitions

The result -

  • Helps develop cognitive skills and self expression
  • Opens up children's mind in powerful ways
  • Provides a creative foundation for children
  • It is therapeutic in ways we cannot comprehend